Youth Sports Camps

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Youth Sports Camps

Sports Camps

Join us for a fun-filled summer with a new sport camp each week. Register for one camp or all eight! Campers will learn the fundamentals of the weekly sport, play in games and tournaments and bond with new friends over the love of sports. We'll swim daily at the outdoor pool and each week will feature a sports-themed field trip. Camp is designed to be fun and feature friendly competition for those who love sports. No camp July 4 or July 5. 
Click a course title for additional details, pricing, and to register.
Register before April 15 and save $25 on all one-week camps, unless otherwise noted.

Completing Grades K - 2 
Rookies camp is for those who are excited about their future in sports, and are seeking a fun, exciting way to learn and experiment with some of their favorite activities. This group will focus on learning the basic rules and fundamentals for each sport. It will culminate with fun, non-competitive games each week designed to reinforce skills. 
Camp Director: Youth Sports Staff
Location: Orange High School
Camp is Monday - Friday,  9am - 3pm 
Resident: $159 / Nonresident: $169
* July 1 - 3: Resident: $109 / Nonresident: $119 
19XYS711June 10-14 Basketball 
19XYS721 June 17-21 Football 
19XYS731 June 24 -28 Soccer 
19XYS741 July 1 - 3* Gym Games 
19XYS751 July 8 - 12 Stick Sports 
19XYS761 July 15 - 19 Baseball 
19XYS771 July 22 - 26 Olympics 
19XYS781 July 29 - August 2 Basketball 
Completing grades 3 - 5 
Pros camp is for older campers who can’t get enough sports! These campers have a chance to refine their skills in a variety of sports, many of which they may already have experience in. They will learn more in-depth rules and fundamentals for each sport, and compete in weekly competitions with their friends. 
Camp Director: Youth Sports Staff
Location: Orange High School
Camp is Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm  
Resident: $159 / Nonresident: $169
* July 1 - 3: Resident: $109 / Nonresident: $119  

19XYS712June 10 - 14Basketball 
19XYS722June 17 - 21 Football 
19XYS732June 24 - 28 Soccer 
19XYS742 July 1 - 3* Gym Games 
19XYS752 July 8 - 12 Stick Sports 
19XYS762 July 15 - 19 Baseball 
19XYS772 July 22 - 26 Olympics 
19XYS782 July 29 - August 2 Basketball 
Completing grades 6 - 8 
The All-Star camp is new for our teens who want to be in on the fun of camp, and the daily opportunity to play sports with their friends. Expect lots of games, lots of tournaments, and lots of fun. All-Stars will not be combined with Rookies and Pros, and will follow their own unique schedule and agenda, including field trips, swim times, and other activities.
Location: Orange High School Multi-Use Gym
Coaches: Youth Sports Staff
Camp is Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm 
Resident: $159 / Nonresident: $169  

19XYS713June 10 - 14 Basketball 
19XYS723 June 17 - 21 Football 
19XYS713 June 24 - 28 Baseball 


Youth Sports Coordinator
Chris Switzer
216-831-8601 x 5636

Youth Sports Assistant
Rob Trhlin
216-831-8601 x 5648
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