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The purpose of youth sports is to provide opportunities for children to participate, have fun, develop skills and enjoy the thrill of competition in a positive, non-threatening environment. As a coach, you will set the standard for your team. Below is a list of goals we would like each coach to achieve:

  • Foster a Positive Environment for Participants: When you provide criticism, put something positive with it; match constructive criticism with positive reinforcement.   

  • Make it Fun: As a coach, you must make it fun, but that does not mean there is no discipline or structure.  Keep it fun while teaching the children that discipline is part of the game.  These are children and this is a game, so keep it light, organized, and above all FUN!

  • Develop Confidence in Every Player: The best coaches develop players who believe they can achieve great things.  Commend players for their effort and help them to realize that they are not going to succeed every time.  If players are confident that their coach believes in them, they will play with more confidence and develop this valuable characteristic in life beyond the field of play. 

  • The Three R's: Teach your players The Three R's.  RESPECT the game (including coaches and officials); RESPECT their teammates; and RESPECT the opponent.  Without an opponent, you have no game.  Share this with parents and expect the same from them.  They need to remember they are an example for their children.  Yelling negatively at the official, the other team or their child does not show RESPECT.  As the coach, you are more of an example than their parents on the field. 

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Our Sports programs are designed to allow students of varying ages an opportunity to explore a variety of sports throughout the course of a year.
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 For questions about our youth sports programs, which run seasonally, please call Chris Switzer at 216-831-8601 ext  5548.


Youth Sports Coordinator
Chris Switzer
[email protected]
216-831-8601 x 5548

Youth Sports Coordinator II
Alex Mintz
[email protected]
216-831-8601 x 5648

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