Classrooms and Age Groups

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Classrooms and Age Groups

Classrooms and Age Groups

Preschool for Twos  

Welcome to the world of preschool! Our 2’s program is for children that turn two by July 31st of each school year. This Early Preschool Program is geared to create a foundation for your child’s early education years. Our program follows a curriculum guided by fundamental concepts and developmentally appropriate practice. While exploring life at school, teachers and children work to build community, create friendships, increase communication skills, and weave social/emotional practices into everyday play! We encourage forming connections to others and the environment, as we develop a deeper understanding of our place in the world. Children do not need to be potty-trained to enroll in the Early Preschool Program. 


Preschool for Threes

The 3’s program is for children that turn three by September 30th of each school year. In our three-year old classrooms, we build on the foundation of our Preschool for Twos Program. The students are immersed in hands-on, engaging activities that promote cognitive, social, physical and language development. Students gain independence through practicing routines and procedures as well as self-help skills. Teachers follow a curriculum which promotes play-based learning and increases academic skills as well as social-emotional, fine/gross motor, and communication skills. The 3’s program encourages students to participate in a school setting and fosters a love of learning. Children in the 3’s program must be potty-trained to enroll. 

Pre-K for Fours

Our 4’s program is for children that turn four by September 30th of the school year. The Pre-kindergarten program builds on the foundation of our Preschool for Threes program. They focus on building and enhancing skills in all academic areas, for example math, pre-reading and Heggerty phonics. Our learning is play-based with teacher guided activities. The 4’s are gaining the self-control, confidence and independence necessary to be prepared for Kindergarten.


Young Fives

The 5’s program is for children that turn five by December 31 of each school year. The Young Fives program is designed for children who miss the kindergarten cut-off age or for children who could benefit from an additional year of social emotional skill-building. The Young Fives program is a full-day, 5-day a week program structured to prepare students for five, full days in Kindergarten. The expectations of the Young Fives program are to challenge each student while learning how to become more independent when completing tasks and the daily routines. Their academic skills continue to grow and the program extends their skill building throughout the school year.  



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