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Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes

Orange Early Childhood offers a variety of educational enrichment classes that are designed for young children. The developmentally appropriate activities range from active fun, using their brain power, being creative and imaginative. The enrichment classes are taught by professional teachers that are excited to share their knowledge with each child. Would your child enjoy martial arts, playing basketball, baking yummy treats or learning about science? Each class shares opportunities with the children to play, learn and be a social part of our community here at Orange Community Education & Recreation. 

Active Fun classes include a variety of movements that are sometimes combined with music. Children learn about how their bodies can move whether it is by moving to their feelings or being instructed to move in specific yoga poses or dance moves. These active fun activities can also keep the children calm, engaged or allow them to express themselves in free flowing movements. Gross motor skills are taught, practiced and challenged. 

Who doesn’t love building with legos and manipulating different toys? Brain Power activities offer students opportunities to explore various academic areas. They are immersed in letters, numbers and getting excited about our environment in scientific ways. These classes spark thinking, questioning and discovery!

Creativity is the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. Our enrichment classes encourage our children to be hands-on when cooking and baking. They spark creativity through exploration, socializing and dramatic art play. The children learn about artists and become artists themselves where they can utilize tools and channel their creative sides.

Lastly, what is your child’s favorite sport? Have they kicked a ball around or been to Orange Schools’ tennis courts? The children in our sports enrichment classes will be introduced to a wide range of sports or one specifically. They will learn how to work together on a team with friends. 

Orange Early Childhood’s  enrichment classes give our children the experiences to move, create, think, explore and socialize with friends. Sign up today!


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