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Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Early Childhood Mission, Vision & Philosophy


Orange Early Childhood’s Mission
Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing and engaging early learning environment that effectively supports the diverse needs of children and families in our community and creates a foundation for children to be able to enter Kindergarten as a lifelong learner and a critically-thinking citizen.

Orange Early Childhood’s Vision
Orange Early Childhood will become a nationally recognized program known for providing excellence through early learning experiences to young children in our community.

Orange Early Childhood’s Philosophy
  • Play is the work of children.
  • The safety and overall well-being of each child is our first priority.
  • The classroom environment should be safe, nurturing and engaging.
  • Children can be guided to develop self-control by learning to manage their bodies and emotions.
  • The learning materials that we choose should be developmentally appropriate, open-ended and free of bias.
  • The curriculum should meet the needs of all learners, including those with special needs and those that speak English as a second language.
  • Learning experiences should be individualized to each child’s specific needs and development.
  • The role of the teacher is to be a facilitative guide to help children meet developmentally appropriate milestones through inspired learning.
  • Teachers and families should work together as partners in both teaching and assessing children.
  • Children learn best in social settings with hands-on, meaningful and constructive learning experiences.
  • Learning experiences are most meaningful when the development, experiences, interests and culture of each individual child is taken into consideration.
  • Learning experiences should be a balance of whole group, small group or individual teacher and child-directed activities.
  • Children should be assessed on an ongoing basis using a variety of evidence-based methods to determine if they are appropriately meeting curricular objectives.
  • Our curriculum should address all areas of children’s development: physical, social/emotional, language & communication and cognitive.
  • Everything we do should have a purpose and be grounded in best practices for early childhood education.
  • All learning experiences should be aligned to Ohio’s Early Learning & Development Standards to ensure that children are fully prepared for Kindergarten.

Registration Information
For more information about the Orange Early Childhood Preschool, to schedule a tour, or to discuss any questions about your child’s readiness for preschool, please contact us at (216) 831-8601, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5 pm.



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